The Night People
Episode A-23
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Story by
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Production Code
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Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 23
Airdate 5 March 1969
Previous Episode Get Me Out Of Here!
Next Episode Project Zero

A poacher is killed by white-robed figures he sees round a fire near Trennick House in Cornwall. Sharron investigates, posing as a student of architecture , but her cover is blown and she is captured by local landowner Trennick who sends an impostor to meet the boys when they come looking for her. Trennick's wife, curator of the local witchcraft museum, tells Craig that witchcraft is still alive in the area but Richard discovers that the supposedly supernatural meetings are a cover for illegal uranium mining with a view to sale to the Russians to aid them in the space race. First, however, he and Craig must rescue Sharron.[1]


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