The Body Snatchers
Episode A-21


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Story by
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Production Code
IMDB Reference tt0538471
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Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 21
Airdate 19 February 1969
Previous Episode The Silent Enemy
Next Episode Get Me Out Of Here!

Two journalists find the body of missing military expert General Patterson frozen in suspended animation in a Welsh research establishment. Villainous project financier Squires and his guards kill one but the other, Frank, escapes and calls in his friend Richard. Frank is also murdered by Squires after explaining what he saw and Richard breaks into the building. Scientist Inga tells him Squires has her father as a hostage whilst she freezes, then revives, Patterson to sell to a foreign power, but then Richard is caught and frozen though he is helped to escape by Yeats, a humane henchman of Squires, sickened by the killings. Sharron and Craig then arrive to help Richard prevent Squires from completing his plan.[2]

Guest CastEdit



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