Get Me Out of Here!
Episode A-22

Establishing shot of San Dios [1]

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Season 1
Episode 22
Airdate 26 February 1969
Previous Episode The Body Snatchers
Next Episode The Night People

Whilst on a philanthropic visit to her home island of San Dios, medical researcher Professor Anna Maria Martes is placed under house arrest, as the corrupt government want her to continue her work on the island, allowing them to take the credit. She is on the verge of an important breakthrough and the Champions are sent to rescue her. Craig makes contact but is spotted and Anna Maria is taken to jail, allegedly for her own safety. The Champions cripple the jail's generator and, using their night vision to see in the dark, break in and spring her. They have still to get her to the escape boat moored on the coast but help comes from an unlikely source.[2]


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